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The IOHO Coaching for Health Management (Self-Management Support) is a training and certification program for healthcare professionals. The program combines evidence-based best practices for health behaviour change into a comprehensive model for guiding healthcare professional on facilitating and supporting self-management.

Coaching Health Management for Healthcare Professionals

Level 1:  CORE Training Program (2-day)

Participants learn core health coaching skills, tools and techniques as well as the 5-Step Health Coaching Model. Core competencies include: reflective listening, assessing readiness to change, decisional balance, goal-focused action planning, and problem solving.

One-day CORE Program is available for those with demonstrated competency in core skills. Course includes all materials and follow-up.

Cost: $895

Level 2:  Health Coach Certification Program (1-day)

Participants who have completed the 2-day CORE Training qualify for Certification by demonstrating competency through participation in a one-day in-person session or web-based videoconferencing and submission of recordings and/or case reports of coaching sessions, written examination, and assessment of test cases. Course includes evaluation and certification.

Cost: $395

Level 3:  Health Coach Skills Trainer

Health Coach Skills Trainers lead structured sessions including theories and principles of health coaching, 5-Step Health Coaching Model, core skills, and application. Trainees are certified as Health Coaches upon demonstration of competency. Requirements are Master Certification and two-day training and practice teaching session.

Level 4: Health Coach Master Trainer

Prospective Master Trainers must have been engaged in health coaching for at least two years, completed Level 3 Skills Trainer, and delivered at least six training sessions.

Combined Health Coach Training and Certification (4-day)

The Combined Health Training and Certification program is designed to provide participants with the two-day CORE Training Program and two days of competency demonstration and practice teaching. It is arranged upon demand.

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