What is Health Coaching?


Health Coaching is not a program but is a system of evidence-based principles and techniques that have been built into a structure that guides health professionals in how to facilitate health behavior change in their patients or clients, for better health outcomes.

The processes actively identify and address behavioral, emotional, situational and cognitive barriers to change and build patient skills in decision making, problem solving and planning and skills for promoting and supporting health behaviour change. It serves as a link between Patient Education and Patient Self-Management, which combines motivational interviewing, goal-focused action planning, change management and problem-solving.

Fundamental Principles of Health Coaching

Health Practitioners as experts provide evidence-based treatment and lifestyle recommendations and help clients prioritize health goals. The clients are supported in considering their own preferences and life circumstances to choose how to implement treatment recommendations in their daily lives.

Health Coaching has a health focus and embraces a “trial and error” approach, recognizing that “one size” does not fit all and success often requires trying different tactics to address inevitable barriers encountered along the way.